Tahoe Summer Jamboree Rules


1. All games will consist of two 20-minute halves with running time. The clock will stop during the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half if one team is less than 10 points behind. (10 or more points the clock runs and will not revert back if the difference drops below 10.  The timer may stop the game at the 2-minute mark to make the referees and players aware of the situation.


2. During running time, all shooting fouls will award the offensive team an automatic two points and three if the shot was good. A foul on a breakaway lay up will also count an automatic 2 points inside or outside the 3-point line.  On all other fouls, the ball will be taken out of bounds.  On the 7th foul in each half, one point will be awarded on any defensive foul with the offense maintaining possession of the ball.  The 10th foul is 2 points for the offense and the defense then gets the ball. During stop clock time, regular foul shooting rules will apply.


3. A tie game will play sudden death overtime with a jump ball to start and the first point wins.


4. Teams will be allowed 5 minutes to warm up for their first game of the day and two minutes between halves.


5. Each team will be allowed two 45-second time outs per game.


6. Technical fouls are an automatic 2 points anytime in the game.


7. Seeding after the initial 3 team round robin will be determined by “points allowed”.


8. Teams must provide their own warm-up balls and provide one as a game ball if asked.


9. Coaches, players, and fans should treat the officials with dignity and respect.  Coaches should explain the game rules to their players before the tournament to eliminate confusion and make the games run smoothly.  Parents or fans will be asked to leave the gym should their criticism of the officials become too vocal.


10. Each team will need a scorekeeper to sit at the scorer’s table and should have a preprinted roster to hand to the opposing scorekeeper to save time. If the home declines then the visiting team will become the official scorer. If the visiting team declines then the timer will keep score on the scoreboard.


11. In the bracket the bottom team is home team. On the schedule the team listed on the right side will be home team. The home team will sit on the right side of the score table when facing the bench and will wear a light color top.


12. A team that withdraws from the Jamboree will forfeit their next game. Hopefully we will be able to find another team to fill in so their opponent will not miss out on a game.


13. Players will foul out with 5 fouls                                    revised July 3, 2014