The 21th Lake Tahoe Girls Basketball Jamboree
July 13,2005

Wednesday's  Practice Schedule & Scores
All Practice Games to be played at South Tahoe HS Blue Gym
Teams in color are playing 2 games or more
We do not want your team to play a familiar team, so let us know if that is the case.

Practice Game Results
Time Home Team Visiting Team Winner
12:00 PM Ceres HS

South Tahoe

Ceres 36-21
12:50 PM Oakridge HS Tamalpais Oakridge 56-29
1:40 PM Ceres HS Gonzaga Prep Gonzaga 69-26
2:30 PM Oakridge HS Gonzaga Prep Gonzaga 61-27
3:20 PM Winters Burlingame Burlingame 51-46
4:10 PM Redwood HS St. Patrick's HS St. Pat's 56-25
5:00 PM Dublin St. Patrick's HS St. Pat's 49-44
5:50 PM Alhambra HS Presentation Alhambra 42-39
6:40 PM Paso Robles St. Francis HS St. Francis 46-30
7:30 PM Santa Ynez HS Presentation Santa Ynez 49-43
8:20 PM Johansen HS St. Francis HS St. Francis 49-32
9:10 pm Beyer HS Will C. Wood HS Will C. Wood  38-26