South Tahoe Girls Basketball Jamboree

July 23-26, 2003

The Champion: Southridge HS from Oregon


2nd Place:  El Capitan from San Diego

The Free Throw winner was Quantelle Danials from Ceres High School. She won beat over 250 other girls on Thursday night.

Southridge, Oregon (6-0)  beat El Capitan (5-1) from San Diego in the playoff game for the Jamboree Championship 33-29.

44 teams competed and played 5 games each. (Bishop and Concord dropped out a few days before the start of the event.).

Blue Division (2-0 in seeding round)

Southridge beat Centenial B 52-22, Alhambra 33-27 and Deer Valley 44-35 to get to the Championship
El Capitan beat Auburn-Riverside, WA 52-42, Priest River, ID 46-30, and Bend, Or. to get to the Championship.
Bend, Oregon and Deer Valley were the two runners up in the Blue Division.
Bend beat St. Patricks 41-29
Deer Valley beat Xtreme, Oregon  48-37 and Santa Ynez 46-32.

. In other Blue division games,

Extreme beat Alhambra 45-41, and Kelseyville 56-39.
Alhambra beat Oakridge 43-38.
Oakridge beat Centennial B 39-23 and Santa Ynez 54-43.
Santa Ynez beat Kelseyville 53-22
St. Patricks beat CC Hoops 41-29 and Priest River 41-34.
Priest River beat Ceres 42-33.
Ceres beat Auburn-Riverside 48-46 and CC Hoops 46-43
CC Hoops beat Centenial A 47-34

Red Division Results (1-1 seeding bracket)

Cedar City, Utah beat Westmont 35-28 for the Red Division bracket championship.
Cedar City beat Beyer 49-24 and Sierra 48-44.
Westmont beat Walnut Creek 33-32, and Paradise 32-31.
Paradise beat Evergreen 51-40
Walnut Creek beat Southridge Maroon 35-29 and Sierra 45-38
Southridge Maroon beat Paradise 26-14 and Beyer 32-28.
Sierra beat Evergreen 70-33
Beyer beat Evergreen 40-31

                                                                   Orange Bracket  (1-1 and best 0-2 teams)

Vacaville beat Analy 53-40 for the Orange Bracket Championship after beating Liberty 58-37 and Bret Harte 55-40
Analy beat Escalon 35-12 and Coachella Valley 39-21
Liberty beat South Tahoe 39-24 and Escalon 45-22
Bret Harte beat South Tahoe 44-30 and Coachella Valley 55-44
South Tahoe beat St. Pats 52-38
Escalon beat St. Joe's 40-32
Coachella Valley beat St. Joe's 53-39

Green Brackett (0-2 seeded teams)

Clovis East won the bracket by beating Terre Linda 49-33, Calabasas 40-29, and Burroughs 50-24.
Runner up Terre Linda beat Del Oro 44-41, and Hughson 52-40.
Del Oro beat Calabasas 39-35 and Yosemite 58-50.
Calabasas beat Woodlake 45-30
Yosemite beat Burroughs 37-23, and Hughson 72-21.
Burroughs beat Woodlake 34-32
Hughson beat Woodlake 39-23